John Peterson practices on icy highway

It’s downright cold today, even in down here in Texas. The temperature is hovering around the freezing mark in Waco, where the Texas-Baylor game is being played this afternoon, and it is far colder up in the northern parts of the Lone Star State. And when I look out the window onto my neighborhood golf course here in Austin, I’m not seeing any golfers at all.

Out in West Texas, a combination of snow and icy roads have brought traffic to a standstill on I-20. Among the folks stuck in that huge traffic jam is PGA Tour player John Peterson.

The former LSU standout is putting his down time to good use – whipping out his clubs to get in a few swings by the side of the road, and sharing them in a couple of videos. Not exactly sure where those shots are winding up – there’s a lot of wide open space out there, but a little too much of a hook could bring some of those balls back onto the highway.

I’m not sure Peterson’s shots off the highway are easier or harder than hitting drivers off the deck, but they’re impressive nonetheless. And wherever Peterson is heading today, I hope he gets there before he runs out of gas or golf balls.John Peterson plays from icy highway in Texas

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